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Hello sir!! The last month im under hiv med of ganvoya pills.. I wanted to ask you if i could continue the carbohydrate-protein supplement (NLS Gainer) and some months later i'm thinking to use the pre-workout (M-STAK of Animal) for 1-2 months. I read some articles and i think probably the protein supplement wouldn't have a side effect or interacts bad with the genvoya pills.. i send u the link of the NLS to check the ingredients if you would like.. i'd appreciate any answer and thank you for your time!! Greetings Dimi


Hello Dimi

Protein supplements do not have interactions with Genvoya. Unless you exercise with weights and machines, that extra protein will not help you build muscle. We have a study in HIV that showed that a whey protein supplement did not improve lean mass in men and women living with undetectable HIV.

Whey Protein Use in HIV

You only have to be careful with antiacids or supplements containing magnesium and calcium.

Separate taking Genvoya by at least 2 hours from antacids containing aluminum, magnesium hydroxide, or calcium carbonate. Safe to take with other medications used for heartburn and GERD such as Nexium, Pepcid, Prevacid, Prilosec, Tagamet, and Zantac.

Another supplement that may cause alarm to your doctor if dosed over 5 grams per day is creatine. Read this previous answer for more information about this concern:

Creatine Supplements and HIV

More Important Information About Creatine

Please let me know if you have any more questions. I can't really get into details about specific commercial supplements out there since the several companies in the supplement industry is known for putting bogus ingredients in their products. We do not have interaction data on many of those more obscure ingredients.

In health,

Nelson Vergel

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