Genvoya or Descovy + Tivicay


What regimen is more tolerated the Tivicay & Descovy or Genvoya. I have tried both & they both have different side effects profiles, I notice on the Genvoya the bloating & gas and for me it's causing my skin to feel & look dry and it's seems to bother my eyes red and itchy feeling, with the Tivicay & Genvoya for me I've notice headaches, it makes my insomina worse but the only con is that i didn't feel the bloating and my stomach felt normal after eating meals than feeling bloated after taking genvoya. Which when do you think is well tolerated if you had to stick with one long term between the two or would you recommend another option since they're so many out there now?


Low rates of annoying side effects still are experienced by some patients on the newer regimens as you describe. Published detailed information about such side effects are generally lacking and there is no published study of Tivacay + Descovy (such a study currently enrolling). Both regimen contain FTC + TAF-have you triend abacavir + lamivudine if HLA B5701 negative. Raltegravir and rilpiririne are often well tolerated anchoring drugs for regimens that may be worth considering. Switching regimens around to find the best tolerated choice for an individual patient is often a reasonable strategy in the setting of suppressed viral levels and no concern for significant drug resistance. Post a follow-up if you make a change and find a regimen that suits you better. K