I am having a hard time dealing with a situation that recently came up. I noticed some small bumps on the shaft of my penis recently and didn't pay them any attention, but there seem to me some more now. They are not really clustered in one particular area and they don't look like any pictures I've seen on the web. They are flat and shiny and sometimes some of them seem dry/rough. They have not caused me any pain or itch at all. I have not yet had vaginal intercourse yet, just oral sex with my girlfriend. I have not had any other partners other than my girlfriend. My girlfriend has only had foreplay with one other person and that entailed just the rubbing of his penis while they deep kissed. I am fearing I have genital warts and am very afraid. Can you please tell me if our past sexual history is high risk for having genital warts. please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


You've had very limited sexual exposures to others, so the likelihood of having genital warts is pretty low. Getting genital warts from receiving oral sex is also unlikely. That does not mean that you don't have genital warts; it just means that you are at very low risk for them.

Your penis is covered with skin like the rest of your body and can be subject to the same types of problems (dryness, rash, pimples, ingrown hairs, warts, and other conditions). If you have questions about your skin, it is best to see a dermatologist, especially when you are experiencing the problem. He/she really needs to see it to diagnose it. That way you'll have a much better idea of what's going on.