genital boils


I tested positive just over a year ago and as yet take no medication. However I have suffered from boils around my genital area before I was infected. My doctor did tests and said I was just prone to these. Lately I am plagued by these very large and painful boils which my doctor says is due to my status. As they are nearly always present I would be gratful to any advice regarding help or treament for it. Being a single female, men are more put off by the sight of these than by my h i v .


It sounds as if you have a condition known as furunculosis, which begins as an inflammatory condition/infection of the hair folllicles. This condition is common in areas of the skin containing hair follicles that are subject to friction and perspiration. Conditions that may predispose to the development of furunculosis include obesity, steroid use, diabetes, and decreased numbers or altered function of a type of white blood cells (neutrophils). Most people who experience repeated episodes of furunculosis do not have any predisposing conditions, but it is reasonable for your care provider to evaluate you to rule out any underlying abnormalities.

Preventive measures include trying to avoid clothing that is too tight or that rubs, along with good hygiene (including bathing with an antibacterial cleanser). Antibiotics are used for acute episodes.