A Gay Sauna Strives to Wipe Out Hepatitis C

Alongside a coterie of towel-clad NoMoreC advocates, Ivo Mittelmeijer (front left) and Ejay de Wit (front center) speak with Mark S. King (front right) about the NoMoreC campaign at Sauna NZ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, during AIDS 2018.
Theodore Tsipiras

As a sexually transmitted infection, hepatitis C occurs primarily in gay men. That fact spurred gay health activists in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to bring local businesses and sex venues together to create a plan to wipe out new infections in their community.

The "NoMoreC" campaign is sponsored in part by Sauna NZ, a gay bathhouse in Amsterdam established by the same folks behind the gay sex club Club Church (which is featured in not one, but two of my earlier videos), so it seemed only appropriate that I spend some time at Sauna NZ to discuss the campaign with the sauna manager and some of the campaign's supporters.

Wait a minute. You mean I am filing another sex-themed video report from the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018)? You betcha! And you're welcome.

Pay special attention to Ejay de Wit, the NoMoreC campaign person I interview in this video, because he has been an enormous resource to me during my preparations for this trip to Amsterdam. When I contacted Ejay weeks ago and told him that my sponsor, MPact, would like me to focus on sex-positive stories about gay and bisexual men, he proved to be the ultimate contact. Nearly all of the sex workers, sex club personnel, and fetish fans I have interviewed for my coverage in Amsterdam were recommended by Ejay. The guy has friends in sexy places, what can I tell you.

Thanks for watching, everyone. Coming up: one more important interview, and then a final farewell to Amsterdam and AIDS 2018.

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