I gave oral sex to HIV + but "undetectable" so he says.


I met a man online and gave him oral sex. He ended up ejaculating in my mouth, which I gagged and spit out. It turns out that he is HIV positive but according to him, has been undetectable for years...20+ he says. The next day, I noticed a sore throat, and a little soreness of the neck. I had this sore throat for 3 days and now it seems to have subsided. He insists that I didn't contract his HIV because of his undetectable status. According to him there has never been a documented case in over 20 years of anyone contacting HIV through oral sex. He then stated that I would be more likely to catch a cold from him than HIV...or other STDs, which he said he doesn't have. Just wondering if this is a warrant to go get tested. I have read that the risk is relatively low, but this is my first experience with anyone with HIV and Im scared. Anything you can tell me I will greatly appreciate. Thank you.


Oral sex is very low-risk, and with him being undetectable, I am comfortable saying this was a no-risk situation. No testing is warranted. As long as you use a condom for anal sex, or are on PReP, your risk of transmission is pretty much non-existent.

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