1. I've heard that HIV can live in a frozen state, is that true?

  2. If it is, does that mean that the condom I stepped on this morning poses an HIV risk? (Since winter seems to be hanging on for dear life and temperatures are still in the minus in the mornings.) My shoe touched it and the strap of my bag touched it so that the condom moved a little.

I'm in therapy for OCD so I'm not allowed to wash my hands, period. It's a little gross, but it's for the sake of recovery. But that means that I could have gotten semen from my bag on my hands, which are very cut up from playing with my cat and my excessive nail biting. It could have gotten on my juice (which I am now afraid to drink). It could be on this very keyboard. Should I get tested? Since it's too late to wash the virus away.



  1. No.

  2. No. Your HIV-acquisition risk is completely nonexistent.

Continue to work with your therapist. Your fears of HIV are completely irrational and totally unwarranted. Copy your question and my response and show it to your therapist. It could be helpful in focusing your therapy and speeding your recovery.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob