From Cartoons to Charts, Learn About PrEP for HIV Prevention

As more people consider pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention, the options for expanding their knowledge of PrEP are, well, expanding.

What are the resources out there that can assist individuals and providers in making decisions about PrEP? Here's a quick look at a handful of the many options for PrEP information and support.

PrEP and HIV Prevention: A Quick Primer on a Hot Topic

PrEP and Treatment as Prevention: A Quick Primer on Two Hot Topics

This handy, short video from your pals at gives the basics about PrEP, and also covers how people who take HIV treatment for themselves are a force of HIV prevention -- all in a minute and a half!

HIV Prevention Just Got Easier: PrEP for Sex

HIV Prevention Just Got Easier: PrEP for Sex

From New York state comes this accurate and accessible multimedia guide to PrEP access and use. From just-the-basics to videos to booklets in Spanish, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Italian, French and Haitian, there's a lot there, but it's all easy to find.

Getting Yourself Prepared for PrEP

Getting Yourself Prepared for PrEP: An Insurance and Access Flowchart from Project Inform

From the longtime community-knowledge bank on HIV prevention comes a comprehensive chart making the confusing hurdles to PrEP access -- including insurance, public programs and assistance programs -- easier to navigate.

What to Do If Your Provider Says 'No' to PrEP

What to Do If Your Provider Says "No" to PrEP

"One in three healthcare providers has not even heard about PrEP, which means you could encounter some resistance if your clinician doesn't have all of the facts," notes Human Rights Campaign. "Here are some common misconceptions you might hear from a PrEP-skeptical provider and ways to address them."

PrEP and HIV Prevention: A Quick Primer on a Hot Topic

A Video in English and Spanish: What Is PrEP?

To get a little more in-depth, turn to for a five-minute video that explains how PrEP works. Although this video came out a few years ago, the basic information remains solid -- and you can click on the page to swap into the Spanish language version.

PrEP Facts

PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex

With over 15,000 members, this Facebook group offers fast-moving and sometimes saucy discussions, debates, questions and answers seek to promote fact-based information, understanding, respect and compassion. And now there's a separate group focusing on women and PreP.

For more PrEP stories and information, check out's PrEP page.

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