Frequent aphthous ulcers and styes signs of my hiv progression?


My cd4 results in March was 592 and viral load undetectable. Since then i suffered from numerous mild infections (cold with a fever,an aphthous ulcer, some stomach-bowel dysfunction,4 styes in one eye)and now i have developed an ugly stye in my other eye and another canker sore (aphthous ulcer) despite my eye and mouth hygiene being thorough. I am afraid that these frequent infections appeared because my cd4 dropped badly. Are this infections signs that my hiv is progressing? Should i expect a very bad drop in my cd4 and could my cd4 dropped in 5 month so bad that i am constantly sick?

Hiv+ for 10 years,usual cd4 around 500,currently i am taking Combivir+Norvir+Telzir this being my second regimen after Combivir+Viracept

Thank you very much.


Hello and thanks for posting.

Neither aphthous ulcers nor a stye are necessarily indicators of a declining immune system. The sores could simply be the result of the multiple colds or even something as innocuous as stress. One should be sure that the canker sores aren't related to herpes (as they often can), as there are antiviral medications to treat the later.

An undetectable HIV viral load is the most important lab parameter in assessing whether your meds are working; your CD4 a measure of your immune health.

I hope that helps, BY