Early on the beautiful spring morning of May 19, a few hours before 42,000 people gathered in Central Park for New York's annual AIDS Walk, Fred Gormley, a longtime friend of GMHC's Treatment Issues, passed away.

Fred died from a cascade of complications beginning with weight loss and persistent thrush which led to ports for amphotericin infusions and parenteral feeding, culminating in a staph infection, hospitalization, and kidney failure. Fred died from AIDS.

Fred was responsible for managing TI's mailing list and monthly production, but better known for his darkly humorous articles about one gay New Yorker's odd life with AIDS. He also took delight in crafting a sassy table of contents and in finding piquant pull quotes for each issue. Our readers will miss him.

In Central Park, Tyne Daly quoted Edna St. Vincent Millay: "Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave." Fred was an admirer of Ms. Daly and all things theatrical; he would have enjoyed pronouncing the poet's name. We will miss him.