Dear Bob I just found your Website and I could shure use some advice. Over two years ago I had sex with a women. I was very drunk at the time. I used a condom but during sex, by the way was quick, she pulled off the condom. In the heat of it I did not think to stop.The next two nights I had some cold sweats. And burnig on my penus for weeks.I had told my wife of the encounter the next night.I never cheeted before or will I again. She is still with me. And the best wife anyone could wish for. Anyhow I got tested at 7 and 13 months. The tests were negitive. Then we started having sex again. But ever since the encounter I have had weard things. Recently dizzyness joint pain in my rist and ankels. My right hand swelled up one day for no resone I went to the doctor and he gave me celabrex. wich brought the swelling down. But my hand strengh is down.I have tingling in my hands. And somtimes bad pain in my left elbow and forarm. My glands are sore from time to time. And I just don't feel right all the time. Should I get tested again. Are ther better tests. Have I destroyed our lives. Or am I just gitting old. I'm 44



Unprotected insertive sex with a partner of unknown status does carry some risk, but your symptoms only 2 nights later would not be related to HIV. The burning sensation in your penis might be a sexually transmitted disease but is not indicative of HIV. Your negative HIV tests at 7 and 13 months are absolutely conclusive that you are not HIV-infected. Your other symptoms - dizziness, joint pain, hand swelling, tingling, sore glands, and just not feeling right - are not consistent with HIV infection. Work with your doctor on these others, and just rest assured that they are not in any way, shape, or form related to HIV. That's a fact!

Good luck Young man.

Dr. Bob