Freaked out in the Netherlands - HIV


Dear docters,

Greetings from the Netherlands. My sincere condoleances.

I have gotten two blowjobs from a women. I know that the change of getting hiv from a blowjob is very small. But after the deed I saw that my foreskin was a bit swollen. Is this a sign of cuts or abrasions? I saw no blood. Am I in risk of HIV? After 2,5 week (after last blowjob) I got tested for all STD's and HIV. Al came back negative. But last friday I got a call from the women who blew me, saying she has Gunnurea in the throat. Freaking out! Is it possible that I have Gunnurea even if I was tested 2,5 weeks after last contact? I know that she hooked up again with her ex-boyfriend. But what if she already had gunnurea in her throat whilst blowing me? Should I even worry more about a hiv infection? HIV among Dutch women is very rare. Thnx for your patience. Greetings E.


Hello E in Holland,

The risk of HIV transmission by insertive oral sex (that is, getting a blow job) is very, very low. On the other hand, gonorrhea can easily be transmitted orally.

Men who have gonorrhea are usually symptomatic (thick drainage); it's possible that if still early, that you could have relatively few symptoms.

If you've had a possible exposure, the best thing to do is to get an evaluation and STI testing (HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia).

Hope that helps, BY