I found my "pimple" worry in the forum (PIMPLE)


The staff at the body does such a great job, that it is almost a job in itself to search through your available data to find an answer to a question. It doesnt help that in our viral phobia, us nervous wrecks tend to ask questions in the wrong forums. I just wanted to say thank you to the staff for doing all they do. My answer was indeed in the forum, just not the safe sex and prevention forum; I found the answer in the Side effects of HIV medication. The fact that you guys still answered this question is a testament to your patience,

So for anyone worried about vaginal secretions infecting a pimple, yes it is possible, but unlikely.

Does this type of exposure, by the numbers, merit an HIV test, no one knows, but anytime you are concerned you may have been infected with HIV, that alone warrants a test, they only take 20 minutes and are inexpensive

The link to the answer of my question is below


With that a donation is on the way, odd enough at my tax bracket with my income I can actually afford 1000 dollars a year in donations and not lose any money. I know its not a great deal of money, but I am sure someone in this world could use at least a 83.30USD discount in their monthly medication. Really its a choice between George Ws Dont ya have sex or talk to no gays policy or the bodys website crazy Idea of reality, education and encouragement, needless to say, you guys win, my money goes to you,

Thanks for your help, I pray one day there is a cure to this horrible disease so good people and perverts alike (me being a perv) dont have to worry about one slip in judgment costing us 1,800 USD in pills a month, not to mention the social and medical side effects of the fearsome hiv

Take care

My prayers to all HIV infected people


All though I will take all the karma you can throw out, I know, I will undoubtedly be negative and woo hooing but I guarantee you that I will be thinking about those who got the other resultAgain my prayers and at least some of my money to the victims of this evil disease,

I truly wish I could do more



Thanks for taking the time to write in and share the information you found in the archives. Actually "popped pimples" is a fairly common question, although it has not reached QTND (Question That Never Dies) status. I'll reprint a few more from the archives below. I agree with your assessment that the HIV risk would be low, in fact extremely low in most cases. I also agree with the advice that if anyone is concerned about placing oneself at risk for HIV, he or she should get an HIV rapid test done at the three-month mark to quell those fears.

Thank you for your very generous donation (www.concertedeffort.org). Your one gift will touch many lives, turning hopelessness into hope. On behalf of those lives, please accept my heartfelt thanks. I am indeed sending my best good-luck/good-health karma that your definitive test will be negative, as I very strongly believe it indeed will be. I look forward to WOO-HOOing with you very soon.

Be well. (And that's a doctor's order!).

Dr. Bob

The Off-shore guy ... again! Jul 26, 2006

hello doc,

it's been a while since i last wrote you. and sad to say, i'm still on board and can't get a test and make a donation for you. (so sorry but i'll be home on sunday so expect a donation from me)

i just want to ask again, after 3 months now, this enlarged lymph node under my jaw is still present. does this look HIV to you? still having sleepless nights, and aside from this, i have no other symptoms.

I'm a little too chickensh**t right now. I just want to here your comments again before i home and check. shed me some little light.

again this is my risk :

  1. broken pimple in the pubic area. is a broken pimple deep enough and big enough for HIV to transmit?

  2. fingering with cut is just a theorical risk right?

thanks for your time doctor. I have relatives in LA, and if i test positive, i'm going to visit you.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Chickenshit indeed! Geez, the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz has more guts than you!

  1. Since I cannot examine the pubic pimple, it's difficult for me to speculate. In general, unless your pimple was so large and deep that they should have had orange hazard cones parked along the perimeter, I'd say no, your pooped-pimple-pubic-predicament is not a real problem.

  2. Right!

I can just about guarantee you won't have to make that trip up from L.A.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob

Worried out of my mind $100 donation for reality check Apr 16, 2006

Hi Dr Bob,

I am a huge fan and I appreciate what you do for everyone.

I recently had sex with not one but two prostitutes (two different instances) in one week and it wasn't until the second one that I totally lost it and now I am out of my mid worrying. What is worrying me is a. was the pimple (that recently had popped) on the base of my penis covered by the condom? and b. When she took the rubber off and cleaned my region and penis with a sanitary wipe did I get any secretions in my urethra?? the condom did not fail, if I got HIV I think it would be from after I took the rubber off and juice got in there or in my pimple. Am I totally out of my mind or do I have any reason to worry? I have read up on all the statistics of HIV transmission and understand the 5 in 10,000 and all, but what are the risks if you have a raw skin on your penis from a recently healed wart or pimple? What if it just touches the vagina a little bit? but what is making me worried has never been answered. I know HIV cannot transmit outside the body but it does not die? what if I cum and my cum gets under my foreskin right away and four hours later I have sex (and the semen that was underneath my foreskin infects my girlfriend? Say if I touched the head of my penis and then touched the outside of the condom while putting it on?

Thanks Dr Bob, If you can give me some reality on this I will gladly donate


Response from Dr. Frascino


So let me see if I've got this correct. You're worried about a hypothetical situation in which you shoot your wad with a hooker and get some spunk under your foreskin, and then four hours later have sex with your girlfriend and possibly infect her by touching the head of your penis and then touching the outside of the condom while putting it on before shagging your main squeeze??? Hmmm . . . .

And you ask if you are:

(1) totally out of your mind or

(2) have a reason to worry.

I would have to say the answer is "all of the above," because I think you do have a reason to worry that you are totally out of your mind! Dude, calm down, take a couple of big yoga breaths and relax a bit. Go ahead. We'll wait. There. Now don't you feel better? Your hypothetical question about your own cum under your foreskin transmitting HIV from hooker to girlfriend within four hours is beyond common sense and reason. After all, we all know a guy like you is not going to get lucky twice within a four-hour period, right? OK, even if you did, the risk of HIV transmission from the scenario you describe is nonexistent.

As for HIV transmission from popped pimple or sanitary wipe post-shag, I would say the risk is negligible to nonexistent. However, if you are worried and clearly you are get HIV tested at the three-month mark. It may well be the most effective and efficient way for you to calm your unwarranted fears. While waiting for the three-month window period to end, don't forget those big, cleansing, relaxing yoga breaths, OK?

Thanks for your donation (www.concertedeffort.org). In return, I'll send you not only an acknowledgement of your gift, but also good-luck karma that your HIV test is negative.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Is it likely... (3rd try - please respond!) Apr 27, 2003

This is my third try asking you my question. I'm trying to be patient, but it is really hard when I am so worried about this... I am a male, and I had sex with a female whose HIV status is unknown. I did use a condom ("mini-woo-hoo"), BUT there was a problem! I had a pimple that had popped 5 hours or so before we had sex. This pimple was at the bottom part of my penis (close to my body). The condom didn't fully cover it and I am pretty sure it entered her... At no time was it bleeding. 3 or 4 days after sex with her I got a sore throat. This sore throat lasted about 2 and a half weeks, and now its gone. I have no other symptoms other than not eating as much cuz I am worried all the time!!!

So here come the questions again! =) Are the chances high that I got HIV from her if in fact she is HIV positive? Should I "Woo Hoo!" now or wait a while and get tested, and then hopefully) "Woo Hoo!"?? Please help me... I have searched your board, and the rest of the Internet to find a like case and I can't find anything. I think that if I wasn't bleeding then there was no access for HIV to get to my bloodstream, but I'm not an expert and I am unsure and worried sick...

I am not mad that you haven't replied to my question before, because I know you are helping so many others and trying to live your life as well. I do thank you for your time. If you read this though, and if you respond I don't mind if you don't spend much time with it and it is short! I just want to know what you think of my situation.

Thank you so much...


Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Matt,

Your risk sounds very low to me; however, if you had a cut or popped a pimple that was not covered by the condom and that area was actually going into your partners vagina, then there may be at least a small theoretical risk of contracting HIV. Your sore throat symptoms are not at all worrisome. I think you are probably fine. Statistically, the odds are way in your favor. If you are worried, go ahead and get tested at the 3-month period. Ill bet its a WOO-HOO. Good luck.

Dr. Bob

shared hospital room with hiv+ man......freaking out Jan 16, 2004

4th time asking but please answer me. I dont know what to do im freaking out. I don't go outside, I sleep to escape my fears and my g/f is gonna break up with me because she thinks i lost interest and am cheating on her. Thanking you in advance for answering. Thanks

I recently was hospitalized and shared and room with an HIV+ man. The whole time I was there I did not encounter any blood. Atleast that I could see with my naked eye.

My first question is this: I poped a pimple in the bathroom mirror before I knew my roommate was HIV+ Could I have got traces of hiv+ blood invisible to the naked eye on my finger and became infected with HIV when I poped my pimple?

Question 2: The nurse would come in and check or vitals. To check our pulse they would use a kind of finger clamp thingy. She would check his his first then mine. I had a small cut on my cuticle that was almost healed it had not blood or scab on it anymore. Again I did not see any blood but could I have been infected through traces of hiv+ blood invisible to the naked eye through the cuticle?

Question 3: After my pulse was check I may have picked my nose with the same finger. I had an open cut in my nose it was not bleeding. Again there no blood on my finger or the pulse clamp thingy. Could I have been infected through traces of Hiv+ that could not be seen with the naked eye? about 1 mouth after i was released I got a fever sore in my mouth. I am conveinced im infected. do you think I could be? please Rob Please help me. I live with my grandmother and have fears of infecting by accident. please please help me rob

Response from Dr. Frascino


Yes, you have "asked this question so many times already." I've also answered similar questions many times in the past. You cannot get HIV from casual contact. The answer to all three of your questions is a resounding No! If you remain "conveiced" you have it, you need some counseling to help you cope with your irrational fears.

As for hospital rooms, I'd choose the HIV-positive guy over an anxious pimple-popping nose picker any day!

My advice? Stop picking. Stop popping. And stop worrying!

Dr. Bob

Will facesitting transmit aids? Dec 27, 2004

Hi, I visited a prostitute about 5 months ago and asked her to sit on my face to satisfy my sexual desire. Her vagina smothered my face on my nose and lips. Now, I'm wondering if i'm at a risk of HIV transmission.

I can clearly recall that i did not lick her vagina during the process, and I did not have any sores on my lips. I also need to know if HIV can be transmitted from her through broken pimples on my face. Thanks in advance.

Response from Dr. Frascino


"Facesitting???" Hmmm . . . . The risk of HIV would be essentially nonexistent, but depending on the size of the hooker, I guess there would be a risk of a broken nose or perhaps even suffocation. As for the popped pimples on your face, you might try seeing a dermatologist instead of a facesitter. I know creams and lotions may not be as much fun, but then again, I suppose you can use whatever kind of applicator you like to apply them. To specifically answer your question, no, I see no significant HIV risk from this episode of facesitting, even if the pussy was perched on your pimple-popped puss.

Stay well. Happy Holidays.

Dr. Bob