Nelson, I received word that TaiMed was stoping production of this drug in phase 2 trials? Is there any truth to this? I am on this (IV) drug for over a year and FINALLY viral suppressed after 20 years! To say the least I will be grateful for info. re: this....Many thanks....Texas here!


That is not true. All patients receiving ibalizumab (a research entry inhibitor that used to be called TNX-355) through the extension of Taimed's phase 2 study will keep receiving the intraveneously administered drug every two weeks or one month for as long as we need it. Like you, this drug has also helped my HIV viral load remain undetectable for the first time in 27 years.

The company is testing a new subcutaneous injection formulation to replace the IV formulation. But this process will take at least a year or more. I am hopeful that the results will be good so that we can switch to a self administered dosing that will not require for us to go to the doctor every two weeks.