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Former Pop Star Sherri Lewis Talks About Living With HIV - HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Women

    "I have succeeded at living with HIV, and living healthy with it. But it took a _big_ bite out of my life. Life interrupted. Career interrupted. Personal life: no children. Married and divorced."
    "Suddenly, we were shot out of a cannon with a big record deal, the first videos of MTV. We were now bicoastal, living in New York and Los Angeles, California, where the record company was based, and where we did television shows, like _American Bandstand, Solid Gold_ and the _Merv Griffin Show_, and where we made our videos."
    "I had to go from pouf-pouf high-heeled slippers to combat boot mentality, because AIDS was a war."
    "My CD4 count stayed in the 500 to 600 zone for the 10 years. I did holistic therapies, wheat grass, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, some vitamin therapy -- all on a weekly basis. I was very committed to it, like religion."
    Sherri Lewis
    Sherri as a child on Romper Room, which was a popular children's TV show in the U.S.
    Sherri as a child.
    Sherri at the Ritz in 1980.
    Sherri in Get Wet.