fordyce spots v herpes


I am 43, HIV+ and have little yellow raised spots on my penis and lips that don't change in size with time but I am confused as to whether they are herpes or fordyce spots (found this on the internet). I am on Atripla.
what's the difference between the two? if they are herpes lesions shouldn't the atripla rid me of that as immune system is building back up?


Fordyce spots are glandular in nature and can be seen in HIV+ or negative persons on the penis. They are normal variants and would not be impacted by use of Atripla. Genital herpes lesions are usually blisters or sores that can be painful. Use of antiretroviral medication won't result in resolution of herpes outbreaks. Your HIV specialist could examine the lesions and culture if herpes is suspected after the exam. KH