Following up : Unprotected Intercourse with a POZ women..Strong Symptomes but neg at 12 weeks (it is gating more complicated)


Hi Dr BOB We can never thank you enough for your generous human engagement to help people; I dont find words as words are not enough to express all my gratefulness.
here is previous post:

By your advice, I have been, to another ID , here in Montreal, He checked my medical history, he confirmed that I have generalised lymphadenopathy, (arm pit, groin, cervical, knee, elbow, clavicular), he got worried more by the elbow lymph nodes, he worked with a Canadian mission in Africa in the mid 90s, he told me that when they have not tests at that time, they used to consider specially elbow lymph nodes of 0.5 cm, as a very good sign of HIV infection, he carry out a blood work. My WBC, lymphocyte, and neutrophils are getting lower and lower, my WBC was 7000 at 3 moths, 5000 at 6 months now 3900 at 8 months ,he ruled out all (again) other causes (virus EBV, CMV, auto immune....cancer..etc). I had ELISA COMBO HIV test at 8 months mark it was negative, my wife too had 8 months Elisa test after her exposure with me, and it was negative, I told him, is it possible that two people at the same time have a delayed infection, he said if they have the same virus, YES !!, he frighten the hell of me, but indeed, I check for days in the body till I found a guy who had late seroconversion, and his girlfriend too :
So he was right.

My wife is still having sleep myoclonus, and dark circle below eyes (as I have too), a lots of work were done on here, but all that we have been said that it is a viral (HIV may be !!) post infection myoclonus, and it may or may not go away.

The new ID is convinced, (more than the previous!) thats a case of HIV infection (as by typical symptoms, lowering WBC, and Known exposure). He mention too that we both have a kind of swollen tongue !, along with my generalised lymph nodes, specially the elbow, he said it is very suspicious.

But he has no special plan, he said keep testing every 3 months (till when .. he did not specified !!), Now I want to test HIV+, Honestly, I start to think that people who tests HIV+ in the early stage of the infection only by one tests are kind of lucky, to have so clear diagnosis. I am afraid, that the virus I have is a case of HIV virus that take more time to show in tests (if ever), in meantime our body will fight HIV + alone, then getting weakened, when there is an efficient Drugs.

just a clarification, as the ID mentioned a swollen tongue, my back rash mark, and elbow lymph nodes: I dont understand why specially those things have strong relation to HIV ?

Dr BOB, I trust you more that the ID I have seen till know. What do you think, about my case, when will I test HIV+, will we (me and my wife) end in medical paper as a special cas ?

P.s : I will let you know if my 12 months test turn positive.

Je ne vous remercierai jamais assez Dr.BOB, Prenez bien soin de vous.



My assessment has not changed. You are not a late seroconverter, because you have a negative NAAT Aptima test at six months and an undetectable qualitative PCR DNA at 6.5 months. These tests assay for a piece of the virus's genetic material and have absolutely nothing to do with anti-HIV antibodies or seroconversion windows.

You and your wife are not a special case and neither one of you is HIV infected. I do not agree with the assessment or plan of your current I.D. Doctor. If you can't locate a competent HIV specialist, have your case reviewed at the medical center (McGill).

Alors, a l'aise Blaise! Tout va bien.

Dr. Bob

Following up : Unprotected Intercourse with a POZ women..Strong Symptomes but neg at 12 weeks ! May 7, 2011