following up on your request


Dear Dr. Cohen,

You had kindly answered my question over one week ago (on 3/16) in regards to "Dr. won't return calls, made wrong choice" and said to keep you updated. Thank you so much for your time. I couldn't stand it any longer and went to see my original Doctor - the one who was acting so weird -, well, it was the best decision, I went armed with infomation and questions, asked if I could be taken off the Kaletra - because it is inconvenient for me, and my lifestyle, (also taking DDI & Combivir), I wanted to know if he would consider a Non PI? He said he would put me on Sustiva and keep me on the other two for now...he did lab work and asked that I come back after the results are received and he would switch me. I have - for now - cancelled that appointment with the 2nd. opinion Doctor, because mine said what I wanted to hear. I'm a little scared of the Sustiva dreams, but I've got two friends who are doing great on it, and only one who couldn't handle it due to insomnia and bad dreams...Let's hope for the best! In my case, it was to my benefit to challenge the Doctor's decision and not just sit and feel sorry for myself...I'm so glad we have you to talk to, though!


Sometimes with some talk and feedback even doctors have been known to yield and every once in a while this can lead to happier outcomes. Glad it did - and so will send this on to our readership as a reminder that with conversation and feedback - confusing or even frustrating conversations are worth a revisit to see if you can do better the next time...

Glad it worked out.