Dr keith this is a follow question to my previous query WBC COUNT- jan 30 .

 would like to know my status base on these details.pls help
Current Status: AIDS stage
CD4/Viral count: no access
current ARV meds:7 months on  3TC,AZT,Sustiva

Prior taking arv meds, got PCP and assumed below 200 cd4 count.but resolved.i have cuurent infection CMV but dramatically resolving after starting arv meds.

CBC count: Sept 08: wbc - 4500 lympocyte - 23% segmenter- within range


oct 08: wbc - 5500 lympocyte - 35% segmenter- within range

   still anemic

Nov 08: wbc - 6300 lympocyte - 45% segmenter- within range

   still anemic

Jan 09 wbc - 6800 lympocyte - 52% anemic but improved

 generally i feel ok now.with only some fungal infections in groin and rectal area. I gained weight fast and oral health is good. can you please assess my status? do you think ill survive long with on this fight? hope you can asses me even if i dont have access to my cd4 and viral count. thanks alot! god bless


Your trend with WBC and lymphocyte count is encouraging-I would interpret as a very positive sign particularly coupled with clinical improvement. KH