follow up: 35 weeks pregnant


I feel exhausted... I have two positive elisas and two indeterinate westernb blot because of a p24 strand... They did a viral load test and I was a 24 and I was sent to an infectious disease specialist who told me he believed it is a false positive because there is no virus showing... Well why is my nurse still wanting me to have a csection...? The specialist told me to get my husband tested just to confirm everything... And he is going today... My viral load shoud have been high if I have been with the same person for 3 years... If he had anything right? Shouldn't the obgyn nurse know that?

thank you for everything... I really apreciate what you are doing I just wish they invested more money in finding better test to diagnose this for every one...



I agree your husband should get tested. If he's negative, which is most likely, this would add to the weight of evidence that you are indeed HIV negative.

The p24 band is problematic for Western Blot (WB) tests and is the primary cause of indeterminate WB tests in HIV-negative folks. I discuss this in my recent two-part blog: HIV Guidelines: Some Evolve; Some Don't. What's Up With That? (Part two will be posted very soon.)

I remain convinced you are not infected. You could get a qualitative HIV PCR DNA test. This test is not routinely used for HIV diagnosis, but it can help sort out confusing or indeterminate antibody test results. As mentioned above, I discuss the limitations of HIV-diagnostic testing in my current blog. Write back with the results of your and your hudsband's follow-up test results.

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob

I am 35 weeks pregnant and waiting for results (PREGNANCY AND INDETERMINATE HIV TEST, 2011) Aug 31, 2011