Follow up q donation of $1500


Dr Bob,

I am now 5 weeks in and I have a really bad sore throat and a canker sore. Yet I have never had a canker sore again.

Couldn't the baby oil from the massage have destroyed the condom and given me HIV.

I am really worried, I usually never feel ill and usually am in good health. But I am really scared because now I have a canker sore, a really bad sore throat and my neck was really stiff and kept cricking when I moved it.



Your canker sore, sore throat and stiff neck are not HIV related.

Your definitive three-month HIV test will confirm this fact. Try to keep your stress levels and anxiety in control while waiting for your test results. I remain absolutely confident that HIV is not your problem. No way. No how.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob

$1500 donation please answer. Oct 13, 2006

Dr Bob,

I went to a massage parlour and the woman gave me a massage. She also gave me a handjob and rubbed the tip of my penis against her vagina. I was wearing a condom at the time but she had been using massage oils on me and I am worried that this would have destroyed the condom.

I have had one lymph node in my armpit and my stomach feels really rough. I have taken lots of staomach medicine but it feels terrible and hurts all the time.

Is this an ARS symptom. I will donate all of my salary next month which is approximaltely $1500 if I test negative to your foundation. Please answer me.

Response from Dr. Frascino


A handjob and rubbing the tip of your condom-covered Mr. Happy against a massage-lady's vagina even with massage oils! is not a risk for HIV transmission! No way. No how.

Your "one lymph node" and "rough" stomach are not indicative of or worrisome for HIV ARS (acute retroviral syndrome) or HIV disease. Your stomach discomfort could be related to stress, anxiety, stomach ulcer or a host of other causes, but certainly not HIV, OK?

If you're worried, and clearly you are, get a single HIV rapid test at the three-month mark. It will undoubtedly be negative and that should put all your residual HIV worries permanently to rest.

Thank you for your very generous donation! ( Your one gift will touch many lives in a very meaningful way. On behalf of those folks, please accept my heartfelt thanks. In return I'm sending you my very best good-luck/good-health karma that your HIV test will be negative. (I'm extremely confident it indeed will be negative!)

I'm looking forward to hearing your good news (negative test results) very soon!

Good luck!

Dr. Bob