Follow Up (oral thrush concern in window period) with day 85 test result


Hi Doctor. Thanks again for answering previous question few weeks back. So did take an oraquick swab test today at clinic and waited even 1 day beyond the exact 12 week to the day of the possible exposer (85 days now) from having given (me male) cunnilingus as well as receiving oral from a woman of unknown status( to recant) that was unprotected. The test as well as 2 previous ones from the 2 previous weeks before were all negative. Would you say for sure I'm ok to woo hoo even though there's still no logical reason why I had developed oral thrush approximately a few week later from the incident? Could have my anxiety and stress and fear I was going through feeling I had made a mistake from the incident cause my immune system to weaken to the point for that to have developed? I can understand why some people have a hard time letting go of the fact even with testing showing a negative test result at the end of the window period to still have doubts when having had a real symptom that seems a major symptom of ARS (according to so much info on the internet) that is unexplainable. I would feel better letting go now and getting on and not becoming a flutternut ( as I think you call it) if to hear an official woo hoo from you and possibly any thing that may steer me in the right direction what to look for in my upcoming physical outside of the obvious things such as antibiotics, dentures, diabetes (although I will be checked for this even though I have no history of and am in very good shape for 49 yrs old) which don't seem to relate to me or my circumstances. I hope my situation may be of help to someone else that might have a similar scenario and realize if you do give me the thumbs up that I can move on that their situation has hope to do so as well without worrying as much as I did. Thanks again from another worrier and all the great insight this form has to offer.



Welcome back to the forum and WOO-HOO on your definitive three-month negative HIV-antibody test result! To sum up, your HIV-acquisition risk was very low (oral sex) and your repeatedly negative HIV-antibody tests out to three months are conclusive and definitely WOO-HOO-able! Whatever is or was causing your thrush, one thing is certain: it is not HIV! Please note the vast, vast majority of cases of thrush have nothing to do with HIV/AIDS.

Should you WOO-HOO? Absolutely! As Roger Ebert would say, "two thumbs-up!" And as Dr. Bob would say, "WOO-HOO!"

Could anxiety suppress the immune system enough to allow thrush to develop? Nope! Your general internist should be able to determine the underlying cause of your thrush (if that is what you actually have/had!).

Dr. Bob