Follow Up Gullian-Barre Woman!


Hi Dr Bob. Got my negative HIV test at 19 weeks. One more test to go in two to make my 6 month. Now on with the past issue. My whole body still hurts, mainly my hands. My Dr checked my CK levels and they are at 361 for high muscle breakdown. She directed me to a rheumatologist for further investigation. I have an EMG scheduled for monday, so I will keep you posted on that. Right now I have a poor quality of life. They did do other tests as well which were negative: Rheum factor, ANA, Vitamin Def, Glucose etc. All were neg. So now I am really woried I am seroconvertine rather long. This stuff started out about 2 months ago. My question is this.. Would I be converting that long? Would I have tested positive by now? Thanks, and I did donate already, and I will donate again!!



Why is it that you had lots of tests for various rheumatological diseases, vitamin deficiencies, etc. and when the results came back negative you readily accepted the result? Yet, despite multiple negative HIV tests out to 19 weeks, you continue to doubt the results and worry about HIV?

No, you are not a late seroconverter. If you had HIV-associated Guillain-Barré syndrome, you would have tested HIV-antibody positive by now!

Continue to follow up with the rheumatologist and stop perseverating on a disease you don't have.

Your six-month HIV test will undoubtedly be negative.

Thanks for your donations to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( They are warmly appreciated. Do write back and I'll post your follow-up for our readers. (It would also be helpful if you referenced your previous questions in your subsequent post by including the exact title and date so that our readers and I can more easily locate the question and review what has transpired to date.)

Good luck. Feel better.

Dr. Bob