i have folliculitis does this indicate HIV?


Dear Doctor,

          I went to the doctor recently because of bumps the itched and hurt. I only had about 20 of them on my body. he said it was folliculitis. He gave me bactraban, and keflex to take. And also a shot of cortisone. I was curious about this since I had never had it before. Now my question is can a healthy person get this too, or just HIV persons. I have not been diagnosed with this disease as of yet. Actually I have never been tested as I am afraid to. Over the last year I have had several different weird illnesses. A recurring sinus and ear infection, A few yeast infections from all the antibiotics, and boils and now folliculitis. Also several times during the year I had swollen gums with no apparent cause, no bleeding gums, just swollen painful teeth. can u answer any of this for me please.


Folliculitis is not a sign of HIV, although it is common among infected people. If you're worried about HIV, get an HIV test and practice safe sex.