FMLA with two full time jobs


my wife is due on January with our first Baby. I work two full time jobs. I have a few questions regarding this matter. first, can I request FMLA with both jobs and receive two separate paycheck one from each job company? Second question, what is the percentage of pay will I receive during this leave of absence? the third question is, where does the check come from? is it stat fund or is the money coming from the company?


I'm sorry but FMLA does not pay income while on it. It is a very common misunderstanding, but the federal Family & Medical Leave Act does not provide for any payments. For those eligible for FMLA, it continues the employee benefits and protects your job for up to 12 weeks. And that is available from both employees, assuming both employers come under FMLA.

To be eligible for any monthly or weekly payments you must live in one of the five states that mandates short term disability benefits (California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, or Rhode Island) or your employer must offer Short Term Disability as an employee benefit in addition to any sick leave they offer.

I should add that most STD plans and some state programs are only available when you yourself are disabled, not to care for a family member.

I'm sorry, Jacques