i am a nurse and 2 weeks ago i was changing a mediport dressing of my patient who was hiv positive. while removing his tegaderm dressing i felt something hit my eye. i'm not sure if it is from the dressing since i did not see any blood or body fluid on it or from the environment coz our a/c always have moisture with little droplets that hit us on our face all the time. i did not report the incident coz i initially thought it was from the a/c but kinda getting worried about it after reading some posts in here that you can get it from shot in eyes. i know it is already too late to get pep at this time. but do you think i should have been started on pep even though the source of fluid is not known if from the patient or not. please answer ...



I would not have recommended PEP for the scenario you describe. I do encourage all occupational exposures or even potential occupational exposures be reported, documented and evaluated. Doing so prevents situations like yours where you are now worrying after the fact. Had you been evaluated immediately and advised there was no risk, you wouldn't be stressing now, right?

Dr. Bob