Docs Its that time of year again, when my GP will ask if I want a Flu jab. Last year I did nt bother with a VL<40 CD4 300 18% and thankfully was fine. Now my numbers are VL<40 CD4 440 24%. So firstly is it advisable to get a jab and secondly can there be any complications - I ve read it can cause an increase in Viral Load levels, how dangerous is that - could it cause resistence and my Consultants hard work in getting me well be compromised. White male, 39, non smoker, no drugs Kivexa/Sustiva. Thank You.


Thanks for your post.

Influenza (flu) vaccinations are recommended for all persons with HIV infection. There can be a transient (and insignificant) increase in viral load after vaccination- for this reason, getting viral load testing is not recommended for at least 2 week following the jab (or shot, as we call it in the US).

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