Flu Shots


I have been reading this forum due to something that happened to me. I donated blood and received a reactive ELISA and Indeterminate WB. This was two weeks after a flu shot. Two weeks later I took another ELISA which was negative. I took another ELISA one month after my donation and it was negative. I took several more ELISA antibody tests out to 6 months after the blood donation that were all negative. I have looked over several web sites, some say flu shots seffect the antibody tests and some say thatit does not. It appears form this forum that I should obtain a viral load test to make sure I do not have HIV and not rely on the ELISA after an indeterminate result. I can not understand how the ELISA could be reactive and then two weeks later be negative.

Thanks you for your time



Flu shots do not affect HIV-antibody tests, such as ELISAs or WBs. Your first reactive ELISA was a "false positive," as confirmed by your subsequent negative tests. I do not believe a viral load test is warranted or necessary. You are HIV negative. You can read about false-positive tests in the archives if you need additional details.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob