My five year old has CMV, what can I do?


Hello. I just got word that my 5 year old daughter has CMV. She has lost some of her hearing and she has pressure on her optic nevers. I don't know what that means or if that means anything. I want help her in any way that I can. I guess what I am asking is will my daughter lose her sight and her hearing? I love my daughter to death and I don't want her to lose those things. If there is anything that I can do I will do it. Also there is a lot of talk about CMV and HIV. Does that mean that she has HIV or AIDS? Please any information about this subject would be very greatful. Thanks for your time.


Usually children who have hearing loss or other problems associated with CMV have gotten infected before or around the time of birth. I am not a pediatrician, but I am not familiar with CMV acquired at the age of 5 causing these problems. CMV can occur all by itself. Just because it can occur in HIV-infected people, that doesn't mean that someone with CMV also has HIV.

There are medications for CMV infection. But even if there is ongoing CMV infection, there isn't a guarantee that hearing loss, etc. can be restored by treating the CMV. I hope you are taking your daughter to a pediatric infectious diseases specialist, so you can get more information about her condition and what can be done now. Good luck!