First time Unprotected Anal Sex


Hi Im in my 30`s And never had Sex before , My freind is bi Sexual And well he talked me into giving him anal Sex , he said hes clean , but For some reason i dont believe him , now im worried. Could i Get HIV from Giving him anal Sex w/out a condom? And To get tested for it how? And would the Tests tell me right away?

I just wished my gf woulda did this , now i feel stupid and strange. And Very Worried about this, as well as a bit off my rocker, i feel like dieing, but i no it will pass.. Oh god What did i do ?



You're 30 and you've never had sex? Impressive!

Unprotected insertive anal sex does place you at risk for STDs, including HIV. One option is to ask your bi-bottom buddy to get HIV tested. If he agrees and tests HIV negative, you can relax considerably, as your HIV-acquisition risk would then be limited to the rather remote possibility that your buddy was very recently infected and still within his window period. Whether he agrees to the test or not, you'll need an HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. You may also consider psychotherapy (counseling) to explore your own sexual orientation issues. Most straight guys don't play Brokeback Mountain buddies (have anal sex) with their guy friends.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob