First time relationship with HIV + man


I have recently met a special guy whom I find intelligent, attractive, warm and sensitive. As we have been getting to know one another, he disclosed his HIV status (+). Like other writers, I want the relationship to grow and I have strong feelings for him. As a health care provider I know some of the issues involved, yet as an individual I need more information and help dealing with these issues. Can you point to any publications for the lay person that might help me work through this new chapter of my life? (I'm already reading some of your professional publications) Thanks!


I'm sorry, but I don't know of any specific publications that I think would be helpful for you. You may want to go to a large bookstore in your area and browse through the "Health" and "Couples / Relationships" sections and see if there are any new publications that appeal to you. You can also contact your local HIV service organizations and ask them. Often the newsletters and publications distributed by these groups have very helpful writings. Again, I'm sorry I cannot be more specific. I will keep my eyes open for such publications and post their references on this sight if and when I find them.