First-Ever ADAP Public Service Announcement

ADAP Saves Lives: End the Wait

About a month ago I participated in the first-ever public service announcement on the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP). The PSA was directed by an Emmy-winning producer who filmed the first-ever AIDS PSA in the 1980s and Nancy Reagan's "Just Say NO to Drugs" Campaign.ADAP provides life saving medications for uninsured and under-insured people living with HIV/AIDS. As you may of read in a previous blog post,I am a board member for the ADAP Advocacy Association. We work very hard to bring attention to the ever growing ADAP waiting list and hope that one day soon their won't be any waiting lists at all.

When I was first asked me to be apart of this PSA I immediately said yes. I knew it meant I would be traveling to DC on Sunday night and back to Levittown Monday afternoon. So it was a quick but very important trip. Sunday night some of us met at Brandon's place and just hung out. It is so nice to meet others who understand what it is like to live with HIV/AIDS and knows the importance of us taking our life saving medication. We had some great conversations and laughs over Domino's pizza and wine.

First-Ever ADAP Public Service Announcement

Monday morning came early, we all got up early had our coffee and met in the lobby. That was when I saw Bill Arnold, Ann Lefert, Brandon Macsata, Nick Rhoades, Michelle Anderson and Christine Campbell. Once I saw who was involved in this PSA I was even more nervous about the filming. These people are some of the most powerful and respected people in the HIV/AIDS community. Brandon asking me to be apart of this PSA was truly an honor. After the filming some of us hung out and talked for a bit before I caught my train ride home.When I am hang out and meet other people of like minds and who have similar goals I seem to get recharged or rejuvenated. I become inspired to work harder and become a better activist. I left knowing that I was a part of making history that day.When this PSA hits the airwaves or goes viral, I will let you all know.

Currently the ADAP Waiting list has 3,765 individuals in 8 states, as of October 14, 2010

Florida: 2,110 people
Georgia: 617 people
Iowa: 13 people
Louisiana: 502 people
Montana: 8 people
North Carolina: 52 people
Ohio: 269 people
South Carolina: 194 people

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