Finding Enjoyment in Life

Is life to be feared while living? Or is life to be enjoyed while living? Believing that if you enjoy the life you have it may change things perhaps? Now, not trying to say think super-happy thoughts and you will become wealthy and famous. No, but within that mindset perhaps one could become wealthy and famous?

Being realistic is good to an extent. Yes, receiving an HIV+ or an AIDS diagnosis in reality is not what anyone ever wants or wanted! I get that, and others that have this condition would too, but being depressed and angry forever will not do anything. Those feelings cannot turn back the hands of time to undo what has already been done. At the same time, it is not ever easy to just put on a smile and show the world a happy person.

Life is complicated at times, but does it truly have to be? Try to take small steps to your own personal joy. What are things or times you can recall that once brought you happiness? Myself, I find enjoyment in my family, but also in crafts and a variety of other things. This illness can already get you down in the dumps, and getting out of that will make you feel better. What the major expectations of others are on or about you: forget it. HIV/AIDS does not mean stop living and enjoying your life! There are no tombstones or graves calling anyone's name. This is your life; the illness that I or anyone else has is just that. If you view it as a slow death, every day just waiting to pass away, what kind of life is that to live? Oh, and that does really go to being a bit morbid but that is just me.

Find your special something that makes you happy. Whether happy is crafting, surfing, writing poems or staring at the stars at night, find your enjoyment for life! Happiness can be a thought, but why not make it a state of mind? The next time you happen to be in a store, try showing a random act of kindness. Smiles are free so give them away because they are contagious. Just changing our attitudes will keep us alive a lot longer. Less time for stress and devote more time to enjoying life!

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