FINALLY got tested thanks to you; my hero! Yet regretting getting tested. $60 donation and three little questions :(


I've been terrified to get tested but i read this forum a lot and your words really helped me to overcome my fear and get tested. You have no idea how much you help us all in cyber world. I just have these worries now, and am regretting getting tested. I don't want this to be the cause of never getting tested again :'(

I had a concern;they did the rapid test using the finger prick test on me using a lancet. (is that what they use to check blood sugar in diabetics?)

  1. If the lancet was reused, and if there was HIV blood on it, would ENOUGH blood be on the tip of the lancet to infect someone?

  2. and because your blood comes OUT when you're pricked, would that be another reason why the blood wouldn't be able to go directly into your bloodstream?

  3. last thing, does the needle from the lancet go deep enough to infect?

I'm going to the post office now to mail the donation. Please give me some answers to these questions that have burdened me. thank you so much. I really care deeply for this foundation and you as a person. You really are my hero.



  1. Lancets are not reusable. Your fears are completely irrational and unwarranted. No, you could not get infected this way.

  2. Yes, but as I stated above, lancets are not reusable.

  3. Moot point. Lancets are not reusable. Period.

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