Dear Fellow People Living with AIDS,

Today I am about to complete my first year of Law School, a hurdle I thought almost unachievable a few years back. When I finish my contracts final today, I want to scream what I have accomplished from the rooftops, not just for me, but for all people dealing with the everyday battle of being a Person Living with HIV/AIDS.

In spite of the bad days, the long doctors' visits, the constant pain, we can achieve. We can do even more than that; we can change the world!

Congratulations to all of us, for getting through another day, and being here to fight the fight.

Let's continue to fight so that others do not have to experience the Holocaust of loss that we experienced in the '80s and '90s. Let us also continue the fight so that our brothers and sisters in the cause, no matter where they may be, can have equal access to lifesaving drugs and treatments.

Let's just continue to work hard so that others may never forget we are still here, struggling, but still achieving.

Fight on dear brothers and sisters, fight on!