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Salam doctor Bop is Majed from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . I am an observer continuous to your page the masterpiece and your gentle speeches You are from the brave men the anecdotes . Continued in your advices then there many who loves you and did not watch you closely. Excuse me on my bad English . I did not study the English but John Travolta and Richard Ghir and Michael Douglas and Of course Nicole Kidman they helped me in its learning .Whatever happens from mistakes from our presidents we the nations will pay the price of these mistakes while they in the summer enjoy the barbecue in Marbia my age 34 i married since ten years and I have five children and wish that I have eleven sons so that I defeat Real Madrid that i did foolishness before four years where it exercised the not safe vaginal sex with love seller after three months i tested hiv and it was negative and i back to my natural life But before about ten months I had sore throat symptoms, the dryness of the skin, a geographical white tongue, a swollen lymphatic, three times of influenza, and the hair bulbs inflammation rash,itchy ,A continuous cough is since five months. the strange that my wife also has the same symptoms and also my children who were born after the possible danger.

What happens in our bodies .Do i test Pcr, do i go to psychiatrist, want your advice doctor Bop then I not only the one that have these symptoms and this that made me a more lunatic I sorry for the extension but I did not find in the archive a positive example then we four we possess from the same symptoms, I, my wife, and two children I want watch more of Hollywood films, but I cant And the World Cup is very close

Majed riyadh saudi arabia



Doctor Bop? Hmmm . . . you learned English from John Travolta, Richard Gere, Michael Douglas and Nicole Kidman? Oh, OK, that explains everything. Gosh, if you learned from George W no one would ever understand a word.

Regarding your risk "exercised the not safe vaginal sex with love seller" since you tested HIV negative three months after the, um, exercise, you are definitively HIV negative. I cannot diagnose the cause of your subsequent symptoms or those of your wife and kids over the Internet; however, I can tell you what's not causing them. It's not HIV!!!

Regarding your stated options, "PCR or psychiatrist," I would suggest the psychiatrist is the way to go! First off, I don't recommend PCR testing for routine screening due to the rate of false-positives, cost and technical issues with the test. Next, I feel your HIV concerns are unwarranted and irrational, so a psychiatrist could probably be helpful. In addition, you may be experiencing some degree of guilt associated with your "exercise program", so again counseling may well help you confront that too.

Good luck, Majed. By the way where does "Tom Cruise" fit into all this? Maybe the old Nichol Kidman connection? Or maybe because he could use a psychiatrist too since he started babbling on about all that scientology nonesense?

Dr. Bob