fiance HIV negative after 3 years of unprotected sex


Im a 23 years young lady and i was diagnosed with HIV September 2009, i have been having unprotented sex with my fiance for 3 years and he also went for a test 3 times which came back negative, the Doctors explained to us that some people do not have receptor cells and this makes them be at lower risk to be infected with the virus, How possible is it that after so many years i didnt infect him and are the tests realy conclusive, we want to know as early as it is so that we can both live a healthy live, and we are now using protection after my diagnose


Studies of discordant couples (one HIV positie and the other negative) have consistently reported rates of infections ranging from 10-35+ % over a 1-3 year period (this high % still not infected). Rates generally higher from male to female compared to female to male transmission. Thus it is not all that surprising that you were fortuante not to transmit to your partner. There are many factors relating to risk for tranmission beyond simply the lack of an HIV receptor explanation. Unprotected intercourse between an untreated HIV+ person and a negative person can be compared to a form of sexual Russian roulette-each exposure may care a low risk (such as 1/1000 risk per exposure) but the risk addes up over time. KH