Having fever and loss of appetite now..am i down with HIV? Please help! Worried sick...


Dear Dr. Frascino,

I'm worried sick about the condition that i am in right now. I hope this question has never been asked before (i did a search but couldnt find something close to it).

About roughly a month ago i had protected sex with 2 prostitutes. But oral wise, it was unprotected. The first prostitute gave me an oral, and in the process, she kind of nicked the head of my penis. There was a small little bruise on it, which looked like blood, but when i rubbed it off, it refused to go off. It looked like there was some abrasion or some sort, but she continued anyway. I had a very slight fever at that point of time.

The 2nd one gave me unprotected oral sex as well, and i too performed oral on her. As far as i can remember, i did not have any cuts or ulcers at that point of time. I went back to her twice. I was feeling fine then.

A week later, i was down with fever and flu for 2 days or so and had a bad dry cough that never subsided for at least 2 weeks even with medication(this i blame partly on my diet and lack of sleep, but i could be wrong!).

Right after 2 weeks, the cough healed slowly..but i was down with another fever and flu again. RIght now, i'm having a loss of appetite, some slight cough, cough that feels nauseous, fever that goes up and down, flu, feeling cold and a bad headache. Prior to this fever, i was having a lack of sleep (2-3 hrs in total for 2 continous days) and i had protected sex with another prostitute the next day. Same procedure, with unprotected oral sex ( i did not perform oral sex on her), and some kissing. (No cuts or ulcers, but my lips were dry)

My few questions are..could the oral performed with the first prostitute constituted to contracting HIV? I had an abrasion of some sort, or it could be bleeding, but after wiping it off, it refused to go, because it was one really red small spot. the spot went off that night or the next day , i can t really remember.

Second question : I have read some of your answers regarding Oral as having a low possibility to contract HIV, but how high is the risk considering that i was having a slight fever, prior to the first and third prostitute (3rd prostitute my cough was still a little bit dry).

3rd question : Am i getting paranoid? This fever is just driving me nuts...I'm more worried with contracting HIV than any other STD (although they are scary too, but at least most of it are curable). Could the fever be prominent due to my lack of sleep and improper diet?

I hope you can answer these questions, and sorry for the really long email. I cant have a proper piece of mind when this fever is driving me nuts! I'd still have to wait for another 2 months + or 3 months to take the HIV test. Its scary...please help!!!!!!

Yours sincerely, A sick and worried man


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