Female Stripper- HIV risk from poles & lap dances?


I'm a stripper & many dancers worry about catching stds from sitting on chairs, etc. There were even rumors of airborne hepatitis and an entire strip club in Texas that closed because dancers caught Hep from being fingered (supposedly they got it from the guys having small cuts on their fingers- I thought it was a bunch of BS ). While not an expert, I'm a 4th year human-biology/pre-med major and never heard of airborne hepatitis & to my knowledge to risk of contracting certain STDs from a chair, etc is extremely small (even though im sure fingering is probably questionable) & told my friends the info was false. But no one listened to me. I just thought they were being paranoid.

However, just a few weeks after the convo - an entire strip club( one of the biggest & most popular) in the area closed down because a few guys contracted HIV from some dancers. The health dep. was informed- everyone was talking about it& All of the dancers were tested and about 70% of them were +. I thought it was a rumor until asking people who actually worked there.

Considering that most strippers are NOT prostitutes- & most who are always use condoms with customers ~ statistically how is that possible? I will add that it was a predominatly African-American strip club (I myself am Black) and i know HIV rates for us are high in general. However- I just did a paper(used current info) on blk HIV rates in the city (large city- but do not want to name) & the rates are pretty low when compared to other major cities. Also- the club was just topless- dancers kept underwear on (Thongs dont really cover that much up)

One would just think statistically- how did that happen. Are that many strippers prostitutes? Were they not using protection and just lying about? Were they all sleeping with the same guy (unprotected?)- Or did they contract HIV infection from dancing on pole and/or giving lap dances after other women? I would definately like to hear your opinion of the situation- because now im worried about risk of getting HIV from lap dances, etc?



Hepatitis is not an airborne virus. Period.

As for HIV, we've been intensely studying this virus for over a quarter of a century. The routes of transmission are very well known. Can pole dancers contract HIV from "dancing on pole?" No. Lap dancing is also not considered a risk for HIV transmission.

You can read much more about sexual and non-sexual HIV transmission in the archives of this forum.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob