What if you felt Inner Chest/ Lung Pain for HIV?


Dear Dr,

Just for enquiry, I have been infected by HIV + for nearly 2 years and recently I felt bit chest pain (Inner) it maybe lung/heart area as it was located at left of the Mid Sternum. What would it possible be? Would it be serious?

My last check up was August last year 2007 with CD4 540. Recently due to work load and some liquoir drink, I felt my body getting more tired. I felt sick during my flight in HK for bout 4 days and now back to Malaysia and All went well this this week which I have continuous chest pain.

Can kindly advise?



Evaluation of chest pain is extremely difficult over the Internet, as it requires a thorough discussion of symptoms and a physical examination as well as certain diagnostic studies (x-rays, lab tests, etc.). It could be something as simple as gastroesophageal reflux or muscle sprain or something much more serious, such as a lung infection or heart problem. For this reason, I encourage you to have this checked out without delay. I'm also a bit concerned your last HIV checkup was August 2007! I strongly recommend all folks with HIV see their HIV specialist every three to four months to monitor their clinical status, HIV plasma viral load and CD4 count/percentage.

Dr. Bob