feeling anemic after sex


Hey Dr. Bob, Add my name to your fan club list! I know this forum is for HIV+ folks with fatigue and anemia but I'm not sure if I'm HIV+ or not and I was hoping just this once you would give me your advice. I apologize to all confirmed HIV+ folks if this is the wrong forum but Dr. Bob we all need you!!!!! OK here's my story. I got a bit high while partying the other night and wound up in bed with a guy I didn't know very well. So we did the nasty deed. I screwed him (I'm Italian like you!!!)and I wore a condom but the action was very vigorous -- like I said I'm Italian like you!!!! I started feeling a bit weird within 15 minutes. Like I was anemic -- weak, tingly, and just weird. I left the dude satisfied and headed home. The whole night I was kind of jumpy and felt stupid for doing this guy without knowing him better. He did give me his phone number but I haven't called him yet. I don't know his serostaus but since he was so ready for action I'm assuming he might be positive. So the question is -- can HIV ARS occur within 15 minutes? Do my symptoms sound like anemia? Should I call this hottie and ask him to be HIV-tested rather than wait for the next three months for my test? And finally, what's the chance of taking you to dinner some night? Italian Salamie Guy


Dear Italian Salami Guy,

Yes, this forum is indeed dedicated to confirmed HIV-positive folks with fatigue and anemia problems. Questions like yours need to be directed to our forum on Safer Sex and HIV Prevention. If I answer worried-well questions from Italian Salami, how's that going to make German Frankfurter or Polish Sausage feel? So this will be very brief.

You had protected insertive anal sex. Whether or not you are Italian or "vigorous" in your "nasty deeds," condoms appropriately used will prevent HIV transmission.

You felt "weird" 15 minutes later and you are wondering if this is HIV ARS? 15 minutes??? That's hardly enough time to recap the lube and little brown bottle, smoke a cigarette, dispose of the extra-strength super-sized Maximus condom, get your 501s back on, and remember where you parked your car!!! No, HIV ARS does not occur within 15 minutes. So why were you feeling weird? Hello! Didn't you say you "got a bit high partying" and had vigorous sex with a hottie? Perhaps that has something to do with it?!? Do your symptoms sound like anemia? No. Should you call the hottie up and ask him to get HIV tested. No. I'd suggest calling him up and asking him out on a date. Continue to play safe, Mr. Salami, and you'll be fine. Chances of taking me out to dinner? Interesting how you slipped that question in at the end of your post! You must indeed be Italian. I would guess your going to be way too busy entertaining that other hottie.

Good luck. Stay well.

Dr. Bob