Feel like my body is seizing up with deep achiness/soreness


I feel like i've been beat up or something...have achy soreness in shoulders down arms in knees and entire legs. Especially upper body but, hips and legs too. I recently stopped and restarted vioxx. I take videx ec, kaletra, and zerit for hiv. Neurontin for nerve pain. Valproic acid for headache preventative and approx 1 percocet/day for pain if needed which has been most days in past two wks...often can't sleep cause of pain mentioned...this is recent??? I take chloral hydrate for sleep each nite. thank you! What is this horrible creaky soreness?...mucsles n joints? even hands it seems tonite.


I do not know what your muscle aches are due to. You may just be coming down with a seasonal viral infection. If it persists, see your doctor. Good luck!