The fear of HIV is taking over my life


Dr frascino

so the story is i went to a strip club with a group of friends, my buddies bought me a dance with this girl. Long story short she takes me back to a room, starts dancing then began to unbuckle my pants and starts to perform oral sex on me. iam not sure how long it lasted my guess is anywhere from 5 seconds to a maximum of 20 seconds. this happened about 5 weeks ago. since then i have gotten alomst all std's test and they all came out clean. i have seen 3 doctors, talked to numerous HIV hotlines, and other people who are very knowledgeable about HIV and they all say iam fine. they say i have nothing to worry about, and i have actually angered doctors, by constantly setting up appointments, they all say (i am going crazy). what concers me is that i have been experencing some symptoms. for example a week after my possible exposure i woke up and just felt dead tired, developed a stuffy nose, felt like i had a high fever but when i checked it was actually low (between 96 and 98 degress). i currently have little white bumps on the inside of my mouth that after a day or so seem to burst and leave wat looks like blood. also the back of my tongue was white, and recently i have woken up with a sore neck, and a very dry mouth. Doctor i am a 19 year old boy who has just started living his life, i got a great job, a great girlfriend, who i plan on marrying, and just an overall happiness of my life and this fear that i contracted HIV from a stripper after recieving 5 to 15 seconds of oral sex from her is literally taking over my life. Doctor my questions for you are

1.after 4 weeks after this encounter would my test results for herpes, sifilus, gonorrhea, chlamydia, be accurate? 2.are the symtoms i desribed after the first week of being very tired, hot flashes, and not being able to eat, signs of HIV, and if they are, would i experience them after the first week? 3. although i did not see blood in her mouth, (it was dark and i wasnt really looking) am i at risk doctor for contracting HIV? 4 and if there was blood in her mouth in order to transmit HIV does it have to be a good amount of blood (like a tooth being pulled) or just a tiny drop? (or just a noticeable amount, enough that i would of seen it on my penis when i looked at it less than a minute after i stopped her?) 4. and doctor in your opinion do you think i have anything to worry about. please answer my question set my mind at ease? i also am a large contributer to this and many other aids organizations, because i had an uncle who i was very close to me pass away from aids.



  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. No, your risk is negligible at best.

  4. A "noticeable amount."

5 No.

Your HIV fears are unwarranted and irrational. Your symptoms are not consistent with or suggestive of HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS). Your doctors clearly recognize this and that's why they are telling you that you're headed for the looney bin.

I agree "fear of HIV" is taking over your life!. The important word here is "fear," not HIV! You need help with your anxiety and irrational fears. I strongly suggest you seek psychotherapy (counseling) to help you confront and conquer these totally unwarranted fears. At the three-month mark, if you are still harboring any residual fears, get a single HIV-antibody test. The result will undoubtedly be negative. But if it helps put your mind at rest, it will be worth the effort psychologically (even though the test is not warranted medically).

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob