Fax Memorandum

To: AIDS Action Network Members From: AIDS Action Government Affairs Department Re: AIDS program funding

As you know, the Ryan White CARE Act, the AETCs, and HOPWA are currently being funded through a Continuing Resolution (CR) because neither the Labor/HHS Appropriations bill, which contains funding for the CARE Act and AETCs, nor the VA/HUD Appropriations bill have been signed into law. We expect that before March 15 Congress will produce another CR, but this CR will provide funding for all programs until the end of FY 96. The current CR, which expires on March 15, funds key AIDS programs as follows:

  • HOPWA is funded at the FY 96 conference level of $171 million. (the FY 96 VA/HUD Appropriations bill, which contains HOPWA, was passed by both the House and Senate, conferenced, but eventually vetoed by the President.)

  • Ryan White is funded at the FY 95 level.

  • AETCs are funded at 75 percent of the FY 95 level.

    (the FY 96 Labor/HHS Appropriations bill, which contains funding for these two programs, was only passed by the House and has been held up in the Senate.)

We are currently monitoring negotiations in Congress on the next CR and we will report to you as we learn more.

As we move toward the March 15 deadline, we would like to provide some information to you on the status of funding from the beginning of the fiscal year. There has been confusion in some communities about how much money has been distributed to grantees since October 1, 1995, when the fiscal year began, and what additional funding, if any, can be expected to be received by grantees before March 15, when the CR expires.


  • Jurisdictions who have approved consolidated plans will begin to receive a percentage of formula funds under HOPWA, CDBG, HOME and ESG. The percentage of HOPWA funds available to those jurisdictions through March 15th under the current CR is approximately 30 to 40 percent of what they would get in full-year FY '96 grants based on an assumed FY '96 appropriation for HOPWA of $171 million.

Ryan White CARE Act and the AETCs at HRSA

HRSA has received about 45 percent of the total year-long budget funding level for all of its programs. This level is based on the House passed Labor-HHS appropriations bill, which serves as the rough measure for determining funding levels in the absence of a final bill. The Senate has yet to pass its version of the Labor-HHS bill. With only 45 percent of its budget, HRSA has been partially funding programs on an as needed basis. In other words, programs with grant start dates in the first quarter (October 95) or second quarter (January 96) have been partially funded. Funding for programs with start dates in the third quarter (April 96) and fourth quarter (July 96) has not been an issue and will not be funded before March 15.

Title I

  • 42 continuing EMA's have already received 50 percent of the funding reflected in their FY 95 formula grant award. The seven new Title I cities will not receive funding before March 15.

  • Notice of partial Title I Supplemental awards will be given to current EMAs by March 15. However, a mechanism for determining the partial amount of the supplemental award has not yet been made.

Title II

  • States, whose start dates begin April 1, will receive partial awards which total about $92 million before March 15. This funding level represents almost 50 percent of the annual appropriation in FY 95.

  • Special Programs of National Significance (SPNS) program grants have third or fourth quarter grant start dates and will not be funded before March 15. NOTE: With no reauthorized CARE Act, SPNS will continue to be funded by a 10 percent set-aside from the Title II funding level.

Title IIIB

  • 50 Title IIIB grants with grant start dates of January 1 have received 95 percent of their FY 95 funding awards. The remaining 84 Title IIIB programs have fourth quarter grant start dates.

Title IV

  • Only 7 small grants for a total of about $1 million have been funded so far. The majority of Title IV grants begin in the third or fourth quarter.


  • No FY 96 grants have been distributed. AETC grant cycles begin in June and will not be funded before March 15. The program has been slated for elimination by the House, but partially restored in the Senate bill at a funding level of $8 million.

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