how fast could CD4 count down


7 months is passed, april to november and my CD4 count down 32, it was 826 in april when I was diagnosed and now 794, I was really afraid at seeing it count down b/c I expected an increase for I have regularly taken my bactrim and avoided everything that could lead to reinfection sinec then, but the doctors was happy b/c Im still at normal level, I mean level that doesnt request me going on medication, still I ask; how fast could it run down, was that an achievement in 7months of daily drugs, should I ever await a count up while on bactrim or am I always going to count down gradually?


Hello and thank you for your post.

First off, in assessing your labs, your CD4 absolute count is entirely normal and there's no obvious reason (unless you have a clinical AIDS-defining illness) that you require HIV medications or for you to be taking Bactrim (TMP/SMX, Cotrimoxazole, Biseptol).

CD4 absolute counts can vary considerably from day to day-- at least 10-20% is not an uncommon variation. Hence, while I can understand your concern about any decrease in the number, a 32 cell drop is well within daily variation; too small to have any significance.

If you need further reassurance, evaluate any changes in your CD4 percentage (CD4%)- if you see a large drop in percentages that is matched with similar magnitude drops in the absolute count, then there may be some meaning to the change. I wouldn't expect to see a significant change in your percentages at this time.

I hope this helps. Happy Thanksgiving day to you.