When Are All These "Fantastic" New HCV Drugs Going to be Available?


I am 2b geno who did go to undetectable at wk 4, but then quickly relapsed when off RBV/INF Tx. That was 3 yrs ago, and I did get a histological benefit Stage 2+ back to a 1/2, w/ normal hepatic panels. Will these new antivirals be available for a 2b .... or are they really engineered for geno 1 people? And when are they really going to be available? I'm also HIV+, but well controlled. I'm just trying looking for an approx. answer. thank you!


You ask an excellent question - one that will interest many people who read this site.

Yes, most of the drugs are being first studied for genotype 1 infection...But now some data are emerging on the treatment of other genotypes. In fact, at the liver meetings in Europe this past week there were data shown that telaprevir, a HCV protease inhibitor that is in very advance stages of development, has very good activity against HCV genotype 2....

So hang in there...In the meantime, review your HIV medications with your doctor to be certain that they are metabolically "friendly"...I say this because you want to pay attention to risk factors for fatty liver disease (eg, insulin resistance and abnormal lipids, such as high cholesterol and triglycerides). Insulin resistance also gets in the way of treatment responses to interferon/ribavirin therapy.

Finally, stay trim, exercise, limit your alcohol intake, and get vaccinated if you are susceptible to hepatitis A or B.

Hope this is helpful to you and others.