Family Ties: We Adopt Our Second Son and Our Other Son Moves Out

Being HIV positive, I never would have thought I would have any children at all.

My husband, Phil, and I adopted our second son, Tavis, when he was 17. I couldn't mention the adoption before because of legalities. But he is ours, now. He just turned 18 and wants to learn how to drive.

He was our first son's school friend. One day, he found his way to our house with bags in hand. We took to him immediately and welcomed him with open arms into our family. He is gay just like our first son.

Speaking of our first son, London -- he has flown the coup and is now making a way for himself in the real world. It felt like just yesterday I was getting calls every day from his high school. BUT we nipped that in the bud fairly quickly. He matured, has a boyfriend and is making his way in the world.

All I can do is hope he becomes a good man, which I'm positive he will. BUT I will say this: two is enough. My husband and I have decided that we are getting our tubes tied and that's that. LOL. Anyway, we are a happy family and things are going well.

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