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Homophobia and HIV Risk: What's Family Got to Do With It? Part Two

    Kara Tucina Olidge, Ph.D.
    Kara Tucina Olidge, Ph.D., Director of HMI To Go: Newark, Hetrick-Martin Institute
    Sarah Schulman
    Sarah Schulman, Professor of English, City University of New York and author of Ties That Bind: Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences
    Darnell L. Moore
    Darnell L. Moore, Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at New York University, and Project Manager, Sakia Gunn High School for Civic Engagement
    "If we try not engaging in the diatribe and the back-and-forth arguments and debates about if I'm right or wrong as a queer person, and instead try to find common ground, what we find is that each of these systems is concerned with individuals. We care about our youth thriving and surviving in the world." \-- Darnell Moore
    "Where is the campaign aimed at straight people, telling them that bullying is not acceptable? It's only half the picture. ... \[B\]eing positive with clients -- that's one part of it, the personal support. But then the other part is the social transformation and it _has_ to address the perpetrator." \-- Sarah Schulman
    "We talk about peer-to-peer influences with young people, but peer-to-peer influences cross all age groups. I think that the more we educate and get parents who want to be active and informed and educated, speaking out, we'll really help the current state of LGBTQ issues and initiatives." \-- Kara Tucina Olidge
    Olivia G. Ford

    Olivia G. Ford


    Olivia Ford is a contributing editor for and