? False Positive Chlamydia


Hello, I went to my doctor in Aug for a pap test with the complaint of some itching. She called a few days later and told me my test was unreadable and that I had vaginitis. She prescribed an MVP cream for two weeks and I went back the pap came back okay. When I was taking the cream I noticed thick green mucous discharge. Two months later I noticed some occassional green discharge with some itching, so I thought oh great the infection is back. I went and she ran some culters. It came back positive for Chlamydia. The problem is I have been married for 12 years and we are both Christians. MY OB told me this is only contracted through sexual contact. I called my husband cying and asked him if he needed to tell me something, after talking with him I believe he has not fooled around and I know I have not. I took the medicine and he went to be tested. He came back negative. I was very upset with my OB. I just went yesterday to be retested. It has beeen 10 days since I took the medicine. My understanding is that if I did have Chlamydia, this test should come back positive, because you sluff the dead Chlamydia for weeks. Is that true? If this comes back negative what did I have and is it possible that my OB is missing something. What is the standard of practice for a monogomous couple, should by OB have tested my twice before telling me I had Chlamydia. What is the of false positive tests. I also had bacterial vaginoisis when the cultures came back. My Ob did not treat me for that. Does the zithromax take care of that too. So many question that remain unanswered? Please respond to this it is upsetting me not to know how this could have happened. Thanks


This is clearly a complicated question to answer because there are several unknowns. I really encourage you to try and sort out ALL of your questions with your doctor. Keep getting clarification until you understand. If your doctor cannot clarify the situation for you, then it is important to evaluate from where the barriers to understanding are emerging.

Please try to remember that situations like yours are tricky because there are not always clear-cut answers. You may never find the exact cause of the vaginitis; your ultimate concern is your health and making sure that you do your best to receive treatment and symptom resolution.

For more information about vaginitis, see my response to "Yellow Vaginal Discharge" (http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/SafeSex/Archive/Hepatitis/Q26472.qna).

Chlamydia is sexually transmitted. If you had chlamydia, you were either infected by your current partner or a previous partner (it is possible that the infection was latent/not causing symptoms for some time). The accuracy of the test result depends on several factors, but false positives and false negatives are possible (false negatives are more common). You should talk to your gynecologist about the likelihood of this and her protocols in confirming chlamydia infections.

Zithromax is not the front-line medication for the treatment of BV, and is indicated in the treatment of chalmydia infections. Zithromax (azithromycin) is an antibiotic that is used to treat a number of bacterial infections. If the Zithromax was effective in treating the chlamydia, then follow-up testing could be negative. Again, since I am not a medical doctor, you should talk with your doctor about the drugs she prescribes to you and what they are indicated for.