A Facial Wasting Update

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Hello my friends,

There was a lot of interest in my earlier video blog "Treating My Facial Wasting," so I wanted to give you an update by taking you along on my third visit to Dr. Gerald Pierone.

The earlier blog covered my personal issues dealing with the effects of my (mild to moderate) wasting, so this video blog is a more straightforward approach to the procedure from Dr. Pierone's perspective. If you have questions about these treatments, Dr. Pierone is a contributor to TheBody.com's "Ask the Experts" forums and you can pose them directly to him.

Some of the comments from the original blog were critical of how overly lighted my face appeared during the "big reveal" at the end of the video. I take responsibility for that. It was my own vanity, wanting to look nice after the treatment and after having felt the depressing effects of the wasting for a while, and I never meant to be misleading. I made sure I am shown clearly throughout this video.

Episode 13: A Facial Wasting Update

Importantly, neither myself nor Dr. Pierone received compensation or input from the makers of the products used in the procedure. This blog represents my experiences as a man with HIV and there is no "promotional consideration" going on here. (OK, I was once sent free padded butt shorts I later used in "When My T Cells are Old and Gray," but that's another story.)

Your comments and support mean the world to me. Watch for another update coming: another night of laughter and secrets with the men featured in my "You Gotta Have Friends" video blog (which I could easily rename "The Real Poz Guys of Atlanta").

In the meantime, my friends, please be well.


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